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Windows 10 is a continuation of the Windows family line – it is one of the most popular and also one of the most successful operating systems among all the ones created with personal computers in mind. It was developed and released by Microsoft in July 2015 as the successor to the older and not that much appreciated Windows 8.1.

home version of Windows 10 is the most basic one, and it is aimed at less-demanding consumers who expect a simple, modern, responsive, and safe operating system to work with. It comes packed with various features responsible for increasing one’s productivity and for turning the process of working with a computer into a more enjoyable experience.

Windows Defender Antivirus and Firewall

There is no room for compromises when it comes to security. Thanks to the built-in safety measures you will be protected against most types of digital threats at all times. Dangers like viruses, malware, adware, trojan horses, and many more you can encounter anytime during everyday use of your PC – Windows Defender Antivirus easily takes care of all of these. Additionally, Microsoft Windows 10 comes with a firewall, which can automatically block potentially unwanted connections – this is a perfect line of defense against hackers scanning the Internet for opened ports on devices connected to the Internet.


Key features

  1. Experience solid protection available out-of-the-box in form of Windows Defender Antivirus and powerful Firewall
  2. Browse the Internet safely with the built-in secure Edge browser developed especially for Windows 10
  3. Utilize parental controls to protect your children from content inappropriate for the younger audience
  4. Use Cortana, your virtual assistant, to quickly check latest news, or get updated on current weather and traffic
  5. Enjoy extended battery life in your laptop, thanks to the efficient battery saver mode


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