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Kaspersky Anti Virus 2021 Key (1 Year / 1 Device) – EU ONLY


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Quick Overview

More than 200,000 new malware items are detected every day, so it is important that your computer and the personal data you store on it are protected against infections and cyber criminals. At the same time, you need an easy-to-use security solution that does not significantly degrade your computer’s performance.

Product Description

Kaspersky Antivirus protects your computer against all types of viruses and malware attacks.

Kaspersky Antivirus is one of the most effective antivirus solutions currently on the market and the program delivers outstanding tracking rates, combined with real-time protection and definition updates, downloaded to your computer on a daily, weekly basis.

The user interface is convenient and makes you think that you are using an application, which is based only on basic functions, although the power plant, hidden behind it, is worth every penny. Kaspersky Antivirus is not only capable of detecting and removing threats on your computer, but also to protect your email client, instant messages (chat clients) and web traffic, no matter what browser you use.

The program has three ways to scan your computer depending on your needs: “Full Scan” to control the entire computer. “Vulnerability Scan” is to search for system vulnerabilities and installed programs and services, which could open the door for malicious attacks. “Critical Areas Scanning” is to control the objects that are loaded with the operating system upon startup of Microsoft Windows.

However, scanning takes some time, especially if you have a plethora of files, which will slow down the speed of your computer when it tries to clean, or remove infected files. Updating virus definitions is delivered “to the contrary” to your computer in a very short time and you will not be disturbed by this task at all.

There are also a variety of other useful tools that can help you when needed, so you can be safe, including the so-called “Kaspersky Rescue Disk”, which can be turned into a bootable CD or USB Memory Pen, which can easily track and remove infections, a “Privacy Cleaner” tool, a “Browser Configuration” utility to make Internet Explorer a little safer, and “Microsoft Windows Troubleshooting” to control and optimize Microsoft security settings.

Kaspersky Antivirus has the power to take care of your entire computer, whether you are referring to files, emails, Internet activity, or instant messaging clients, including dedicated features for each of these categories. On the whole, Kaspersky Antivirus will probably always provide you with top-level performance, your system will be protected, whether you receive and send e-mails, chat, download files, or just surf the Internet.


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